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For a whore I once knew. - Heavens Gate

Mar. 2nd, 2006 10:12 pm For a whore I once knew.

How could you be so naive?
(you're just a whore)
What does it take for you?
(to percieve as)
Am I just a bitter wreck
Or am I just dead?

I hope and pray everyday
that you'll drown on your way
out of the bottomless pit
that you crawled in

I should of took you out that winter
If only I'd have known
You should have bled a little sooner
and let it scabbed over

A whore knows her way out
of a winding maze
She'll stay true until today
today she'll run away

I should have just killed you that winter
If only you'd have shown
You could have fucked him sooner
and let the world know

So I've heard you've been around
walking up and down the town
Flaunting yourself around
might as well sell your body now.

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