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The Stepping Stone - Heavens Gate

Feb. 2nd, 2006 07:33 pm The Stepping Stone

I gave you a broken figurine just to see if you'd keep it by your side always. Will you constantly wear my heart on your wrist, or will you set it by your bed everynight, wishing for a long goodnight? Do I need to come over and check under your bed for hidden treasures and desolate monsters? Are you fine darling, is it the cold sweat that's got you awoken again or can you rest easy with your soft hair flowing across your pillow? Do you need to find yourself again, we can take a journey out across the sea and fight the pounding waves on our tiny ship. We can land and storm like Normandy, to fight the clandestine creatures. I'll be firece through the forest that leads to the center of the cliff, we'll jump together. It means forever and always.

Current Music: New End Original - # 1 Defender

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