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Panels - Heavens Gate

Feb. 28th, 2006 08:16 pm Panels

We'll warm our feet by the fire
I'll kiss you then retire
to this bed that you made right here.

I've gotten weary about opening my eyes and learning with each experience that comes along in my life. It's hard to take each stride without stepping on each crack etched into the cement. For some reason, it seems easier to skip along each beaten path when it goes two by two. I can't remember that it's best just to stare myself in the eyes and Breathe. Each Triumph comes with great glory. I've yet to raise my fist in victory. You'll understand then under-estimate each tiny thing I can be. It's hard to comprehend the mangled speech that drips out of a frenzied harbor. The ships crash onto the shores as if they were just vessels in a child's bath-water. I'll ride out these waves and crash under the tides if I'm allowed to view angels, even if for only a moment. I'm fairly certain this silence is perched on the hilt of your dress. I'm not worth it, I fail to recall our own memories. I'll forever come to rescue you from your own pity and misery. I'm a sucker for your smile that coats the ground with snow when it's 80 degrees outside.

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